Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who am I?????

Mother of 3 terrific sons
Step-mother to 18 yr old girl, 15 yr old boy
Wife to my best friend for over 5 years
Full time college student, majoring in math
Hobbies...scrapping, hiking, camping, vacationing for educational purposes
Nanny of 8 month old twins (girl/boy), and 3 yr old boy (these are my brothers kids)
Oldest son is getting married in May 2009 and I am helping to plan wedding
Messianic Jew and love to dance for Yah
Hubby is a songwriter and has a degree in classic guitar
3 kids, hubby and I all in college this year, as well as future daughter-in-law
love emeralds
green is my favorite color
I don't like pizza, pork, or baked beans
I love frosting, cake, and chicken Caesar salad
I believe in hard work, praying hard, and living now since we are in the end times
I love my family very much and are proud of them

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