Monday, August 11, 2008

Week of Uncertainty

I have a doctors appointment and a mammogram scheduled for this week. I am not really concerned about the mammogram, but I am about the doctor. i have a bladder disease, Interstitial Cystitis, that has been acting up. I am just miserable and hope that since a couple of years of ago when I was diagnosed, some new treatment has been discovered. The pain, urgency, and frequency is just driving me nuts. For more information
Also, tonight is a meeting of the BiPolar Meetup in Denver. I am trying to take a leading role in this group, but it seems like I am being pushed back into the mainstream. I like this group since it helps to have friends who are high functioning BiPolar's. There seems to be so many people with BP who think it is okay for them to sit around and do nothing because of the diagnosis. I believe that BP are more capable than they give themselves credit for. I pray that the mental health community as a whole begins to give people with severe mental illness the opprotunity to become all that they can be, rather than holding them back.

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