Sunday, August 17, 2008

School Starts on Tuesday...

Although I love school, I am apprehensive since I am going to a different college than the one I attended last year. I don't think I have anything harder in classes, but some of the policies are different and I am fearful of working and going to school full time. Am I crazy? Have I taken on too much? College algebra should be the class with the most homework and probably the most time consuming, but not necessarily the hardest. Freshman English is another class that will have alot of out of class work, but since I love to write this should not be too stressful. Public speaking...not a big problem as I have been a trainer in various groups/programs for years. The class I am most worried about is Integrated Science. This is a full year class which includes chemistry, physics, biology, and earth science. Because I dropped out of high school prior to even biology, I am feeling very nervous that this class is going to be very time consuming with reading the textbook and writing up lab reports. The writing is not a huge problem except I feel inferior to draw pictures or write down procedure charts. Thankfully, this is the only science I need to get my degree!
I keep thinking that the end result is what I am after and that I can bear anything to get my school off the ground. Maybe I have grandious ideas, but I want this so much that I can taste it. As of now, I don't know the practicallity of having such a school...but I know that whoever I bounce the idea off, loves it. So, somehow I will start this, if it is the last thing I do. so far has been hard work and I assume that it will continue to be. I am up for the challenge and plan to put 110% into it to become who I want to be. It is not that I don't love who I am now, but I know I am more than who I am now. The pressure I put on myself to success is in direct proportion to the people who have said I will never amount to anything. I plan to prove them wrong and, as the Army saqys, be all that I can be

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