Thursday, August 14, 2008

Christian Zionist

I had a question this morning about what does being a Messianic Christian Zionist mean. To mean this is who I am in Yah (G-d). It is honoring him who is my Creator and my Adonai. I want to make my life pleasing to Yah and I try doing that by being of service to others. This is not just during church hours, as some do, but in all aspects of my life. Yah has given me a brain to use and a body to worship him with. I think that if I am not doing that, than I am wasting my time here on earth. I do sometimes pray he gives me less of a load to carry, but at this point he is keeping me extremely busy. I guess I cannot get into much trouble if I am busy!

I am involved in training persons with mental illness to advocate for themselves so that they get the best possible treatment.
I help run a Bipolar support group.
I carry 15 credit hours at college.
My hubby and I have been asked to lead worship at the shul we attend.
I watch 3 children about 20 hours per week.
I belong to several on-line groups for varying issues...moms, messianic, lap books. preschool, Christians, etc.
I am actively helping to plan my sons wedding in May.
I am involved with the band boosters at the high school my child attends, Columbine High.

So, after being involved, I think that Yah wants me to celebrate the feasts of Leviticus. My hubby and I always look forward to them. We have our own traditions and use a lot of traditional Jewish customs to celebrate the Feasts. Every year we have all the children over for a Hanukkah party (none of our children are into Jewish roots) and have a fry fest, watch a movie usually 8 Crazy Nights with Adam Sandler, light the menorah and say the prays, and play dreidles. My kids love the chocolate and we usually run out before the game is over. This is just one of the ways we celebrate. We also try to light the candles every night at sun down spending time together with Yah and each other.

Another thing I love about my Christian Zionist walk is the dance and the music. I love to dance for Yah and it makes me feel so content and peaceful. My hubby plays guitar and that too is pretty special since so much of his music is in Hebrew.

I'll post more later on my walk with Yeshua...

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